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March 2019

This week I’ve been finalising plans with Barnet Council and community groups for the RHS Chelsea Fringe Show. The plans aren’t yet finalized but roughly on Sunday 19 May 8 public bins decorated in the style of Lewis Miller. 8 teams will have 2 hours to decorate a bin using flowers - if you’re interested in being involved please send me a message. I finally started to collect the refreshed flowers from Tivoli Services. Tivoli Services supply flowers for the corporates in Canary Wharf - I drove to a lock up office near Chingford where I took what I wanted from the flowers they’ve left for me. To say I feel like a child let loose in a sweet shop would be an understatement! The week ended with meeting Christian (see his picture) he made me feel 20 years younger for which I’m grateful - he’s a photographer who’s interested in documenting me flowerbombing and working more generally with the young people - he’s a great energy to have on board. Have a great weekend

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