Happy Passover/Easter/Break

I’d been contacted a few weeks ago by a theatre company whose forthcoming production “Funeral Flowers” required floralising. It was serendipity that the lovely Marie & Paulette contacted me to say they’d been to their mum’s grave and could I use the old foam - the foam pieces were seen in the production at The Bunker, along with contorted willow from Tivoli and lilies from M&S on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Yesterday I signed a Service Level Agreement with The Felix Project which will allow me to collect flowers on their behalf from M&S Whetstone and Southgate - their flowers are really beautiful and I hope to start collections after Easter. I’m expecting to receive the architect’s draft plans for the shop after Easter but in the meantime as we enter peak gardening season I’m planning on opening the shop as a pop up for the first bank holiday weekend in May (4th and 5th). The shop is empty and very much a work in progress so please bear with us. Tonight is the first night of Passover and I made this centrepiece earlier in the week I’m not too sure on the state of it’s pungency but it’s certainly effective for a night. Have a wonderful break.

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