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Huge thanks to everyone who’s already let me know they’re coming next Sunday to see Yan - just to let you know a BBC film crew will also be present. I don’t know if you can recall but at the height of crowdfunding when I was flower bombing I left some flowers at the BBC? The flowers were discovered by Kamilah who was having a particularly tough time at work? Well, cut to August 2020 and she’s happier, still working at the BBC and is in fact the voice of the news on Alexa!! Anyway she’s doing a feature on acts of kindness and their effect on mental health. She’s been following me on social media and has seen what The Flower Bank does. According to the long distance forecast light rain is forecast for next Sunday which leaves me with 7 days to construct a Heath Robinson style socially distanced compliant canopy to accommodate everyone. I do love a challenge! Talking of challenges my own back garden needs some TLC and after watching Gardener’s World this morning I’m inspired to mow the lawn at least!! Have a wonderful week. Ursula

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